Zakir Khan: Hope should be more valued in this divided world

February 19 2020

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Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan, who has started a new po dcast titled "Ummeed With Zakir Khan", says that staying hop eful is the only way to sail through a bad time. The 12-episode series will r elease a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday.

Talking about the show, Zakir said: "Hope is the tiny light that hel ps us sail through the darkness of our turbulent lives. It's one of the most powerful emotions we feel, and it's been my rock in times of uncertainty, a nd it helped me bounce back from life's strains. As the world seems m ore divided, realising the value of hope and positive action is more importa nt than ever before."

The podcast launched on the Gaana app. Zakir said: "I have been an a rdent listener of Gaana, and am happy to partner with these great people to s hare positivity and optimism from the stories related to my life."

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