White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry

March 04 2019

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135gm white chocolate

170gm fresh cream

285gm whipped cream

1 vanilla bean

10gm vanilla extract

145gm cream cheese

12gm gelatin

5 lemon

250gm egg yolks

185gm butter

185gm castor sugar


  • For lemon curd, cook sugar and butter on a double boiler. Add eggs and whisk well along with egg yolks until the butter melts.
  • Cook it for about one hour. Now, add the lemon juice slowly.
  • Let it thicken. Remove from the heat. Let it cool.
  • For white chocolate cremeux, boil cream with vanilla. Add chocolate.
  • Add bloomed gelatin. Emulsify.
  • Add the whipped cream and vanilla extract into the mix.
  • Cover and let it rest.
  • Now add the cream cheese to mix and whip to medium peak.
  • Pour it heart-shaped mould. Freeze.
  • Scoop from the center. Fill lemon curd. Place vanilla cake sponge.
  • Garnish with small chocolate hearts.