Users get more time to download Yahoo Groups data before it shuts

December 12 2019

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Yahoo has extended its deadline for another couple of weeks to give its users, who had posted content on Yahoo Groups, more time to download their data.

Yahoo Groups is one of the world's biggest collections of online discussion boards.

"We have extended the deadline for Yahoo Groups and will now process ALL requests to download data that are submitted before 11:59 PM PT on Jan 31, 2020. As long as the request meets this deadline, the content will not be deleted until the download is complete," the company posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

The company had earlier announced it would be deleting all content posted on Yahoo Groups on December 14.

Once Yahoo deletes the data, a significant chunk of Internet history will be gone.

Some archivists say they have been joining groups using "semi-automated scripts" in an attempt to archive data before everything is deleted, but Verizon Media, which owns Yahoo, has apparently banned 128 archivists, saying that their actions violated its terms of service, severely hampering their archival efforts, according to The Verge.

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