US imposes sanctions on Iran's construction sector

November 01 2019

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 The US State Department announced that it has imposed sanctions on Iran's construction sector and the transfer of four materials related to Tehran's nuclear or military programmes.

The Department said in a statement on Thursday that Iran's construction sector was blacklisted as it was "controlled directly or indirectly" by Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), which was designated by the US as a terrorist organization in April, reports Xinhua news agency.

The US also slapped sanctions on the trade of four materials with Iran, which Washington claimed were used in connection with Tehran's nuclear, military or ballistic missile programmes, said the statement.

The latest sanctions are part of the US campaign to maximize economic pressure on Iran, the Department added.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Thursday that the Department had extended sanctions waivers that permit foreign companies to work with Iran's civilian nuclear programme without facing US punishment.

The waivers, due to expire on Tuesday, were extended for another 90 days.

Following the exit from the Iran nuclear deal, President Donald Trump's administration has kept piling up pressure on Iran through a series of sanctions and designations, which have been strongly opposed and criticized by Tehran.

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