Sisodia tables skill & entrepreneurship varsity Bill

December 03 2019

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Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday tabled a bill in the Assembly for setting up a Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University in the national capital.

Sisodia said this university is a dream of the students in the country as they need quality education.

"The university will produce students who will have skills to lead a dignified life ahead," Sisodia said as he tabled the Bill.

He said being the national capital, Delhi should have an intake capacity of about five lakh students in higher education.

"But the fact is Delhi does not have enough facilities to accommodate its own students. We are working to increase the seats so that more and more students can be accommodated."

The Delhi Cabinet in October had approved a new Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University with an initial capacity of 50,000 students.

While the Cabinet had given its consent, the proposal required clearance from the Delhi Lieutenant Governor before its approval by the Assembly.

After the nod from all the sections, the Bill was tabled in the Assembly.

Different levels of courses, ranging between six months and two years, will be made available for students from Class 10 to the graduate and postgraduate levels.

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