Recipe Brown Rice Pulav by Chef Meghna

July 21 2018

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Recipe Ingredients

*1 cup cooked brown rice
*1/2 cup mixed vegetable (carrot, green peas, colour capsicum, and green beans)
*1 big onion chopped
*3 tbs boiled soya kheema or soya chunks
*1/2 tbs garam masala or biriyani masala
*2 cloves
*1 bey leaf
*small stick of cinnamon
*1 open cardamon
*salt to tease
*1 tbs butter or ghee
*1 tbs chopped coriander


1.heat the pan, add butter or ghee, then add cloves, bey leaf, cinnamon, cardamon, cook this spices till nice aroma comes, add chopped onion and cook till becomes tender, add garam masala or biriyani masala, and cook for half minutes. 

2.add boiled soya kheema or soya chunks and salt, if required sprinkle some water, and let it cook for some time. add all the vegetable, and let it cook nicely. 

3.once all the vegetables gets cooked add boiled brown rice, mix rice and cooked vegetables nicely. 

4.garnish this pulav with cashews, raisins and coriander. 

5.serve this pulav with any kind of rayta or plain yogurt and papad.


Source :

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  • Chef Meghna