Paan Thandai

March 04 2019

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Ingredients(serves 2)

Betel leaves 2

Pistachio ¼ cup

Green cardamoms 4 pods

Fennel Seeds (Saunf) 1½ tbsp

Milk 2 cups

Sugar 2 tbsp


  • In the grinder take paan leaves, pistachio, fennel seeds, green cardamoms, and sugar. Add half cup milk and make a fine paste. Add remaining 1½ cup milk and blend well. Taste and adjust the sugar.
  • You can sieve the thandai milk to remove the fibers of fennel seeds. I like it without removing the fibers, so the choice is yours.
  • Delicious Paan Thandai is ready to serve. You can also pour some ice cubes at the time of serving.

Some Tips/ Suggestions:

  • You can add more milk and/or sugar if this drink is too strong for you.
  • Use cold milk to make chilled drink. You can also add some ice.
  • If you live outside India, you can find all these ingredients easily in the Indian stores.