Nakul Roshan Sahdev on how a brawl got him a role in 'Girgit'

October 19 2021

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 Actor Nakul Roshan Sahdev who will be seen in upcoming thriller 'Girgit' has an interesting story to share on how he landed the lead role in the series.

Nakul plays 'Ranbir Khetan' - a rich, alcoholic Casanova, who gets embroiled in a murder case. Interestingly it was a party 10 years ago, where Nakul entered into a brawl and was noticed by the creative director of the show then. And that is how Nakul landed the lead role.

Recalling the episode, Nakul shares: "So it is quite an interesting anecdote actually. I was at a party 10 years ago, and at that time I was this young teen, an adrenaline junkie. Me being me, I was the life of the party, I was having my best time and I even had an altercation with someone that night. Now my creative director, Rakesh (Mishra) was present at the same party 10 years ago and I wasn't aware."

He continues: "So apparently, Rakesh remembered this incident very well. When the casting of Girgit was happening he suggested my name, because he thought I was the perfect pick for 'Ranbir' who is a Casanova, a party animal, and a ruckus creator. So it was that party 10 years ago, where I got drunk and created a ruckus that landed me Girgit."

The actor on a parting note also adds: "The biggest lesson for me through the entire casting journey of Girgit was that own your action; good, bad, ugly or amazing. Be proud of who you are. Nothing in life goes to waste."

'Girgit' is expected to stream from October 27 on ALTBalaji and MX Player Gold.

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