Mahanagar MGL hikes gas prices for 3rd time in six weeks

November 26 2021

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For the third time in barely six weeks, the Mahanagar Gas Ltd has hiked the prices of CNG and PNG with effect from Friday midnight (November 26/27), an official said.

The basic prices of CNG is increased by Rs 3.06/kg and domestic PNG by Rs 2.26/SCM for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Accordingly, the revised all-inclusive prices of CNG used by vehicles will go up from Rs 57.54/kg to Rs 61.50/kg, and the home use PNG shall be Rs 36.50/SCM, in a single slab.

The fresh hike - in just six weeks after October 14 - will hit the budgets of around 1.60 million PNG consumers and over 800,000 CNG customers using gas-powered vehicles.

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