Libra Astrology 2018

January 01 2018

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The planetary configurations early in the year suggest that you may be nursing a bruised ego, or you may be heart-broken. You probably need to mend fences -- or move on. Some of you, on the other hand, may be besotted with the charms of Cupid and shall be willing to go to any lengths to lay the foundations of a relationship with that person. However, Ganesha feels it would be wise to wait for a couple of months before you make your first move. You shall make progress as a human being, your horizons will expand this year, and you shall become more outgoing, you will start befriending people and hanging out with them in order to enjoy life. In the process, though, you need top be careful not to trust anyone new too much, at least not until you know that they are absolutely trustworthy, or else it will be like asking for trouble. You career will throw up more opportunities for you to make faster progress. If you get an offer for a new job with better pay, Ganesha advises you to carefully consider other factors, all the pros and cons, before you make a final decision.

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