Home barista: The fourth wave of coffee culture

June 05 2020

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From the beginning of global trade to our cozy coffee houses, a cup of coffee has never just been only a "cup of coffee". The history behind that one-cup of humble brew is as rich as the beverage itself.

Today coffee culture has evolved; the pandemic has altered the everyday routine. Does this mean that there has been a change in the beverage that we drink every morning and after every meeting? Indeed the fourth wave of the coffee culture has come, believe Samayesh Khanna and Rahul Jain, co-founders of Beanly Coffee.

"A coffee experience, which will be uncompromised, which will be available in an instant and an experience which will go where ever, you go. Home barista is what will be the fourth wave of coffee, where sitting at the comfort of your home without any equipment you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee," says Khanna.

The urgency of curating things on your own to be safe has led to this change across cultures. Why would someone risk going to a cafe and drinking at a spot where he/she is not comfortable sitting, why would someone order a latte with a risk of the glass being touched by several people. Being this paranoid for that one cup can easily trigger mental wellness, he adds.

"It's an exciting time for coffee in India, it's growing and lively, and it brings opportunity for a country to evolve in a more cultured way. Brewing a coffee at your house and making your kids learn the same and passing it on to generations will be an evolution," feels Jain.

Adding, "Enjoying and brewing your delicious coffee is not difficult; it is almost therapeutic; with innovation, you can now begin each day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee."

A lot of coffee drinkers have their equipment at home; they either use a pour-over Chemex or a French press for their perfect cup of coffee or these days you can get involved with pour-over or dip coffee in the single-serve avatar and can become your home barista.

How easy the world be if you can soak, stir and squeeze your freshly brewed single serve coffee or just tear, anchor and brew the perfect anchor coffee into your mug.

"Today the knowledge and the eagerness to learn have progressed intensely, and people are keen to learn new techniques or follow new ways of working on things. People have increasingly noticed the rise in the coffee culture, and they all have been intrigued to know how can they do it on their own," states Jain.

Coffee shops/cafes have turned into a social hub today in most of the city life, where people gather to share ideas and stories. They have become part of daily routine, and people feel the importance of social interaction and exchange in such places as viable.

"The beverage offers a space for dialogue, art, culture, promotion, business deal, relationship and much more. Bringing that culture to your homes will only give rise to an open culture of trusting your instincts while you sit at home and sip your favourite coffee," concludes Khanna.

(Puja Gupta can be contacted at puja.g@ians.in)

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