Google introduces AI-based 'Memories' view for Photos

August 16 2023

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 Google has introduced a new 'Memories' view for the photo sharing and storage service 'Google Photos'.

"We're introducing the new Memories view, a home for your memories that is automatically curated and organised with the help of AI," the tech giant said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

The company describes the new view as a "scrapbook-like timeline" that allows users to easily relive, customise and share their most memorable trips, celebrations and daily moments with their loved ones.

The Memories view is currently rolling out in the US and will be available globally in the coming months.

"You can rename your memories to make them recognisable and reflect the meaning and feeling of the moment," the tech giant added.

Users can also let Photos provide a set of customised title suggestions created with generative AI by using the 'Help me title' button.

If users don't like what they see, they can edit the suggested titles or ask for more options.

Users can even steer the suggestions toward important details to include by selecting the 'Add hint' button.

"This is an experimental feature from Google Labs and will initially be available to select accounts in the US," the company said.

The tech giant further mentioned that users will now be able to co-author their memories with others.

Moreover, the company will soon add the ability to share memories as videos.

In June, it was reported that Google had started to test an on-demand cinematic effect feature in its photo sharing and storage service.

With this feature, users can select a photo and specify the duration of the resulting video, and the app will create a slow-motion zoom animation of that chosen image.

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