Farali Dosa

July 27 2020

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Ingredients for Farali Dosa

1 cup Moraiyo

1/4th cup Sabudana (Tapioca Sago)

½ cup Curd

Clarified Butter

Rock Salt / Sendha Namak

HOW TO MAKE Farali Dosa:

Grind Sabudana & Moraiyo together in a mixer grinder.

Add the ground mixture in a large bowl, add Curd & Rock Salt, mix well.

Add water as required and prepare the batter for Farali Dosa.

I’ve added approx. 2 cup water to prepare the not-so liquidy batter.

To cook Dosa, first heat dosa pan on medium flame.

Spread some clarified butter on the pan using a tissue paper.

Increase the flame to high.

Sprinkle some water on hot dosa pan and wipe with a dry cotton cloth.

Evenly spread Dosa Batter on the hot pan.

Apply some clarified butter and spread evenly.

Cook dosa until crispy and golden brown.

When dosa is cooked from all sides and becomes crispy, it will be easy to remove from the pan.

Place Instant Farali Dosa directly in serving plate.

Serve Farali Dosa with Upvas Chutney.

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