'Bigg Boss 13': Contestants ring in Mahira's 23rd birthday

November 26 2019

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Taking a break from their usual fights and arguments, the "Bigg Boss 13" housemates ringed in Mahira Sharma's birthday by singing birthday songs and giving her birthday bumps at midnight.

Next day, Mahira was a bit upset and was missing her family. "Bigg Boss" announced the captaincy task.

The task is called "BB college", contestants were divided in the role of teachers and students. Shehnaz, Hindustani Bhau, Himanshi Khurrana and Sidharth Shukla are the teachers while others contestants are students.

In between the task, the next bell rang for Sidharth's class but before he could start "Bigg Boss" called him in the confession room to surprise Mahira with a birthday cake.

Sidharth gathered everyone to celebrate the birthday of his student Mahira.

The housemates sang and danced to: "Baar Baar din ye aaye".

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