Aneesha Madhok on her musical play 'Ananda': 'Helped me expand my view of art'

October 23 2023

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Actress Aneesha Madhok, who is known for her work in the Hollywood movie ‘Bully High’, will now be seen in the musical play ‘Ananda’, and shared her experience about the same, adding that it helped expand her worldview of art with a conglomeration of calmness, creativity and receptibility.

‘Ananda’ is directed by Muzaffar Ali.

Aneesha is playing the role of Jhumki, who’s a young seductress as she encounters the spiritual enlightenment seeking Ananda.

Noted actor and the owner of baritone voice Kabir Bedi is the narrator of the play. 

Talking about the same, Aneesha said: “The entire experience has helped expand my worldview of art with a conglomeration of calmness, creativity and receptibility. Muzaffar Ali sir’s aura keeps me in awe of him.”

“He is a royal artist not because of his name but because of his ability to surrender to art beyond limitations. Any words I say are not enough to do justice to Muzaffar. I am so grateful,” she said. 

On what kind of feedback she expects from ‘Ananda’, Aneesha said: “I feel India is picking up. I have studied at the prestigious University of Southern California and am bringing back all my learnings of live performance with singing, dancing and acting. Let’s make the standards of art higher in our country, especially with regards to the talent representing our country.” 

Speaking about her grandeur look in the play, she shared: "Elegance is a state of mind. Elegance cannot be bought, that's all I can say." 

All her outfits in the play are designed by Sama Ali and Meera Ali. 

On working with Kabir Bedi, Aneesha said: “I first met him at Jaipur polo grounds in Delhi with my Italian friends who are his huge fans. He is very kind, gracious and admired globally. It is an honour to be a part of this production with Bedi.” 

The play ‘Ananda’ is coming on October 26-27 in Delhi. 


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