After Delhi, AP Dhillon gives fiery performance in Mumbai

August 16 2023

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After surprising the fans with an impromptu act in Delhi, the Indo-Canadian singer and rapper AP Dhillon had set the stage on fire with his performance at a college in Mumbai.

The OG ‘Brown Munde’ AP Dhillon and his close collaborator Shinda Kahlon performed at St Xavier’s College, in Mumbai.

Earlier, on August 13, they had surprised the partygoers at a popular restobar in Delhi.

The duo in Mumbai enthralled the audience with tracks including ‘Brown Munde’, ‘Insane’, ‘True Story’ and ‘Excuses’.

With Dhillon treating the audience to a melodious rendition of his latest track ‘With You’, the artist went to further excite the students as he jumped into the crowd, and continued his performance, to the delight of all his fans present.

AP also reminded the audience to tune into the upcoming global premiere of his docuseries ‘AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind’. Fans are curious to know more about the man behind chartbuster tracks like - 'Brown Munde', 'Fake', 'Excuses', and more.

The four part docuseries explores the life and rise of Amritpal Singh Dhillon and tells the story of the self-made superstar globally known as AP/APD.

Produced by PASSION Pictures in association with Wild Sheep Content and Run-Up Records, the four part docuseries captures AP Dhillon’s remarkable journey from Gurdaspur to Canada, to become a renowned global music sensation, giving viewers a sneak peek into the grit and glamor, the effort and energy that has brought AP where he is today.

‘AP Dhillon: First of a Kind’ will premiere on August 18 on Prime Video.

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