Actor Nikhil Khurana proud of his Army background

January 15 2020

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ndia on Wednesday celebrated its 72nd Army Day, and "Jijaji Chhat Per Hain" actor Nikhil Khurana says he is proud to have an Army background.

"My dad was in the Army, so I have travelled a lot. I was born in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh but I have stayed in many states of India. I have lived in Jalandhar, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Pune and Bikaner. I got to see different places and different cultures at quite an early stage of my life," said Nikhil.

"I'm proud that I come from an Army background and over the years, it has taught me a lot. I learnt to adapt when I was just a child as we travelled a lot and I consider that an opportunity where I got to experience different cultures and make friends across India," he added.

The Army Day is celebrated on January 15 every year. It was on this day when the first Indian general -- General KM Cariappa took over as Commander-in-chief of the Indian Army in 1949.

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