5 Most Powerful Naked Bikes In Production

November 12 2019

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There is nothing practical about these hyper nakeds -- or maybe there is if you are brave enough!

Super naked motorcycles came about as a more practical alternative to litre-class superbikes. It was meant for riders looking for serious but usable performance and comfort for the road — something the litre-class superbikes lacked with their track-focussed motors and committed riding positions. As all things with wheels go, enthusiasts wanted more power, more performance and thus hyper nakeds were born. With horsepower race building up, soon these motorcycles touched the horsepower barrier and even crossed it. Here are the 5 most powerful production motorcycles in ascending order: 

5. Aprilia Tuono 1100 V4 Factory (175PS):

The Tuono has always been a special machine. It is essentially a stripped-down version of the exotic RSV4. The Tuono gets a 1077cc V4 motor that delivers 173PS at 11,000rpm and 121Nm of torque at 9,000rpm. Given that the bike weighs just 184kg dry, performance is seriously quick for a naked. For 2020, the Factory edition gets semi-active Ohlins so exceptional handling is a given — that is if you can get over the performance first. 


4. KTM 1290 Super Duke (180PS):

While there were powerful nakeds before, nothing really captured the essence of a hyper naked as the 1290 Super Duke. Raw, visceral and mental are the words that come to mind when you see this machine. In its latest avatar, the 1290 Super Duke R gets a leaner and meaner bodywork, a new frame, and an updated LC8 V-twin. This 1301cc motor belts out 179PS, which might seem modest. However, it delivers a mind-numbing 140Nm of torque. That’s 17Nm more than the most powerful motorcycle in this list. That amount of torque should be enough for popping mad wheelies at a whim provided you are brave enough to hold on. 

 3. MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR (208PS):

While MV Agusta has the more exotic Serie Oro, it is a limited-edition motorcycle. Plus the Brutale 1000RR makes almost the same horsepower and is no less exotic. It has the same design but gets slightly heavier components taking the  Brutale 1000RR’s weight to 186kg — 2 kg more than the Tuono. However, the Brutale’s in-line four motor delivers 208PS at 13.000rpm and 117Nm at 11,000rpm. That’s brutal! 


2. Kawasaki ZH2 (200PS):

While the Kawasaki ZH2 might have one of the smallest motors here, it is one of the most powerful ones thanks to the addition of a supercharger. Now, Kawasaki does have the supercharged H2 series with the H2R producing an insane 312PS, but this is the first time it has bolted on a blower to a (hyper) naked. The Zh2’s supercharged 998cc in-line four motor delivers 200PS at 11,000rpm and 137Nm of torque at 8500rpm. It gets a host of electronic rider aids that work hard to keep the rubber side down. You can read all about Kawasaki’s hyper naked here. We think Kawasaki has gone bonkers putting a supercharger on a naked motorcycle and we absolutely love them for it. 


1. Ducati Streetfighter V4 (211PS):

Ducati’s stonking V4 motor has found its way from the faired Panigale to a naked and how! The Streetfighter looks evil and hides a fire-breathing monster of a motor. Its 1103cc V4 motor delivers a staggering 211PS and 123Nm of torque, making it the most powerful production naked you can currently buy. The more exotic S variant gets semi-active Ohlins suspension setup and electronically adjustable Ohlins steering damper to keep the nose in check. Read all the juicy details about this powerful hyper naked here.

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