Virgo Astrology 2018

January 01 2018

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You will be bubbling with a surfeit of energy this year, and will do whatever is in your capacity to make quick progress in every area of life. However, the planets may have different ideas, especially early in the year. Your creativity and ability to come up with new ideas will be throttled, as you are likely to be more practical and down to earth. Romantic relationships, if any, will also remain dormant, as you shall have no time to devout to it, ans thus it is unlikely to come to fruition this year. Generally speaking, you shall have to struggle and try your best to be optimistic, so that you do not slide down into the abyss of depression. For one, your siblings will be a source of joy, as much as your colleagues and neighbours. However, remain very alert at your workplace, as trouble may come from some particularly jealous colleague. You will have to be extra careful about your health this year, says Ganesha, as some unexpected, though not serious, malady may hit you or one of your family members. Whether the illness is small or big, one thing is for sure, and that is that getting rid of it is going to cost a bomb.

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