Two weeks given to surrender weapons in England, Wales

November 13 2017

People in England and Wales have been given two weeks to surrender guns, other weapons and ammunition to police stations without being punished for possession, the media reported on Monday.

The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (Nabis), which is coordinating the surrender programme, said that many firearms were held in ignorance of their illegality, reports the BBC.

Anyone handing in weapons will not automatically be charged, but will be if they were later connected to a crime.

The police said the programme was aimed at the "full spectrum" of society.

Helen McMillan, National Police Chiefs' Council firearms lead, said: "You don't have to give your name or address, we just want more guns out of harm's way."

BB-guns, air weapons, rifles, shotguns or pistols are among the weapons police say should be handed in by the November 26 deadline

McMillan said: "It could be a trophy of war, it could be a starting pistol - please contact us on 101 and arrange to hand it in to your nearest police station."

After the last gun surrender programme in England and Wales in 2014, more than 6,000 weapons were handed in, reports the BBC.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that crime involving firearms in England and Wales has increased by 27 per cent.

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