Toyota Corolla China-spec Vs US-spec: What’s The Difference?

December 11 2018

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  • US-spec Corolla to get a hybrid option for the first time ever.

  • In a bid to make it sporty, the US-spec car misses out on chrome while the China-spec car has bling all around.

  • The China-spec Corolla could be what will make it to India in the near future.

Toyota recently revealed the latest generation of the Corolla sedan simultaneously in the US and China. Traditionally, the Corolla  sold in the US has differed from its Asian counterparts in terms of  styling. The new generation sedan is no different. Here’s how the new  generation US-spec and China-spec Corolla sedan differ from each other:

  • Front fascia: The biggest difference of them all  has to be the front end. While the new Corolla features a tighter design  language than before, the China-spec sedan still features horizontal  slats in the front grille seen on the previous generation Corolla. The  US-spec model looks much more sporty with its wide honeycomb grille and  strips of LEDs that should be fog lamps. The China-spec car gets round  fog lamps instead. Toyota has showcased a sporty version of the Corolla  in China called the Levin. And although it gets a honeycomb grille, it  too is offered with round fog lamps. The headlamps are similar on both  the cars.

  • Rear end: While the profile of both cars are  similar, things change again once we reach the back. The tail lamps have  also been tweaked to differentiate the two cars. Apart from that, the  rear bumpers differ in their styling. Also, the US-spec car gets a black  honeycomb insert in the rear bumper which matches the front. To go with  the sporty theme, the US-spec Corolla gets twin exhaust pipes that are  visible while the China-spec car only gets a single exhaust pipe that is  hidden underneath the rear bumper.

  • No chrome on the US-spec: One look at the US-spec  car and you will realise Toyota has forgotten all about the bling  factor. While the China-spec car gets a healthy amount of chrome all  around the car, the shiny bits have been omitted from the US-spec car.

  • Engines: The US-spec car will be offered with the  1.8-litre unit that was present under the bonnet of the last-gen Corolla  (it has been revised to offer better efficiency and more power).  The  China-spec car will be offered with a new 2.0-litre engine that produces  169PS of max power and 204Nm of peak torque. It can be had with a  6-speed manual or a CVT. While Toyota has sold the hybrid Corolla  previously in Asia, it will for the first time sell a hybrid Corolla in  the US market with the new generation model.

  • Interior: The dashboard design of both the China-  and US-spec Corolla appears to be similar with the only striking  difference being the interior colour combination. While the China-spec  Corolla gets a dark interior theme, the US-spec sedan gets dual-tone  beige-black interior scheme.

As always, we expect the the Asia-spec model of the Corolla to come  to India, but not right away. The US-spec car will be sold exclusively  in North America and the China-spec car could come to India by the end  of 2019 or beginning of 2020.

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