Scorpio Astrology 2018

January 01 2018

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You may look forward to a favourable and rewarding year, foresees Ganesha. With the planets shining down on you with a benign light, you will get the recognition that has eluded you so far, and that you so richly deserve. You will even get opportunities to enhance your knowledge base so that you may be qualified for even higher work. However, you must remember that with greater recognition will also come greater responsibilities, and for that you will have to be ready with all the resources at your command. If you are planning to go in for higher education, you shall get enough planetary support. Life may seem full up to the brim. Enjoy it and also ensure that you share your happiness with your near and dear ones, and do something for your community if you have surplus resources. In your love life, you may look forward to sharing some quality and intimate time with your beloved. During this year, you shall become increasingly practical and down to earth, which will make you street-smart and flexible. Your decisions will be wise and reliable, but ensure that you do not work so much that you get physically stressed out, because to overcome the fatigue you may have to take a few days off and rest.

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