Sagittarius Astrology 2018

January 01 2018

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Life seems to be cruising smoothly, and there seems to be no challenge in your sphere of activities, whether you are a businessman or a professional. This makes it an ideal time to think out of the box and come up with novel ideas to not only add to your knowledge and qualifications, but to also think of practical ways, whether to make more money or make faster progress up the hierarchy of the place where you may be working. However, the planets indicate that you will avoid taking any undue risks and will play for stability instead. Your tendency of only looking at the brighter side of things may give you a shock when you are forced to look at the darker side, so Ganesha advises you to develop the ability to look at both sides of the coin, which is anyway a more judicious and practical way to live life. On the home front, you will have to be more flexible and tolerant with your family members. Travel is on the cards, and will most surely widen your circle of contacts, but how productively you make use of them is entirely up to you. Take care of your health and finances, though nothing negative is foreseen.

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