Russia is peace-loving state: Vladimir Putin

September 13 2018

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Russian President Vladimir Putin  said on Thursday that his country was peace-loving and that the ongoing  Vostok-2018 exercises deemed as the largest military drills since the  Cold War, were aimed at developing its defence capabilities.

Speaking  at Tsugol, situated close to the borders of China and Mongolia, Putin  said the drills would help boost the country's internal security  capabilities and to extend a helping hand to allies, reports Efe news.

"Russia  is a peace-loving state, we do not have and cannot have any aggressive  plans, Our foreign policy is aimed at (development of) the constructive  cooperation with all the countries interested in that," Putin said while  attending the exercises.

He said that 87 observers from 57 countries have been invited to watch the drills.

"Today,  the most active stage of the exercises is completed at the Tsugol  training ground in Trans-Baikal territory. You held it at high level:  all units and formations fulfilled their assigned tasks," said Putin.

The  President added that it was for the first time that the armed forces of  post-Soviet Russia have undertaken such a tough drill, involving the  participation of around 300,000 soldiers, more than 1,000 aircraft,  dozens of ships and 36,000 armoured vehicles.

"We will continue  to strengthen our armed forces, equip them with latest weapons and  technologies, to develop international military cooperation," he added.

Putin  also thanked the Chinese and Mongolian soldiers, who took part in the  drills and recalled the historical alliance between the three countries  during World War II when they had fought together.

He highlighted the important role the three have been playing in maintaining the stability of the Euro-Asiatic region.

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