Royal Enfield Bikes Receive a Minor Price Hike

February 12 2019

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The price hike doesn’t affect the newly-launched Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 though

  • Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird and Himalayan get a price hike of around Rs 2,000. 
  • Dealers confirm price hike; no official word from the company yet.
  • Bikes remain mechanically unchanged.
  • Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 prices unaffected.

In the past couple of months, Royal Enfield has updated most of the bikes in its lineup with ABS, causing a bump in their prices. Now though, we’ve learnt that most of the bikes have received yet another price revision. Royal Enfield dealers we spoke to confirmed that bikes such as the Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird and the Himalayan have received a price hike of around Rs 2,000. To draw a comparison, the Classic 350 Redditch ABS edition, which was earlier priced at Rs 1.51 lakh, now costs Rs 1.53 lakh. The Himalayan Sleet ABS, which retailed for Rs 1.80 lakh, is now priced at Rs 1.82 lakh. That’s a price bump of approximately Rs 2,000. Surprisingly, the company has kept this information buttoned up and hasn’t given a reason for the sudden price revision. However, those interested in getting their hands on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 will be relieved to know that their prices remain unaffected.

Here’s the updated price list of all of the models:

Standard 350ccRs 1,17,660
Bullet UCE RDRs 1,30,291
Bullet Electra 350ccR.DRs 1,33,964
Classic 350ccR.DRs 1,47,195
Classic 350cc R. Red ABSRs 1,53,245
Classic350ccG.M.GreyABSRs 1,55,082
Thunderbird 350cc ABSRs 1,56,000
Thunderbird 350ccRs 1,49,750
Bullet 500cc R.DRs 1,73,521
Bullet 500cc ABSRs 1,88,141
Classic 500cc ABSRs 2,01,384
Classic 500cc S. BlackRs 2,04,315
Desert Strom - ABSRs 2,04,315
Chrome 500cc ABSRs 2,11,817
Thunderbird 500cc ABSRs 2,06,645
Thunderbird 350XRs 1,56,581
Thunderbird 350X ABSRs 1,63,346
Thunderbird 500XRs 1,98,604
Thunderbird 500X ABSRs 2,14,516
Classic 350 Signals-ABSRs 1,63,437
Himalayan - ABSRs 1,80,289
Himalayan SLEET - ABSRs 1,82,125 

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