Rider Breaks Electric Bike Distance Record With Zero DSR

April 16 2018

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German covers over a 1000km in just 24 hours astride an electric bike! 

It’s a popular belief that electric  bikes have a notoriously bad range and are practical only for short city  stints thanks to their small batteries. But that didn’t stop Remo  Klawitter, a Berlin-based rider, to undertake a 24-hour ride challenge  astride the Zero DSR electric motorcycle. 

The challenge took place on a looped  ride between Berlin and the Land Centre for Renewable Energies in  Neustrelitz, covering a distance of 1000km! Klawitter started his  challenge on March 10, and completed 150km stints while maintaining an  average speed of 90-100kmph. After every 150km, the bike had to be  recharged fully, which only took an hour thanks to Zero's optional  Charge Tank, which bumps up the charging speed up to six times on a  Level Two charging point. Klawitter said that he spent a total of  nine-and-a-half hours for charging the motorcycle and an equivalent of  Rs 2,302 in total on the journey.

"I've been thinking about a 24-hour ride  since the middle of 2017. Primarily, I wanted to have fun, while  drawing people's attention to the practicality of electric motorcycles.  Everything we have used is readily available from Zero and the route was  on public roads. In total, we have spent nine-and-a-half hours  charging, and during this time, as well as resting and eating, I was  able to speak to many people who were interested in the bike and the  journey," said Klawitter.

With the inevitable shift towards total  electrification of vehicles, it is interesting to see how electric  motorcycles are becoming as capable as conventional petrol bikes in  terms of power and range. As technology advances, expect the thump of  internal combustion engines to be replaced by the silent whirring of  electric motors.

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