Punjabi music is soulful, eternal: Shahid Mallya

July 14 2018

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Ikk kudi" hitmaker Shahid Mallya says Punjabi music is soulful and eternal.

Shahid has sung "Jalwa-e-jubilee" along with singer Richa Sharma.

"'Jalwa-e-jubilee' brings out the essence of land and its culture. Punjabi music for me is, soulful and eternal. The overall experience was great," Shahid said in a statement.

"It is a foot-tapping Punjabi number. While the track can make you dance to its beats, the words can make you realise the importance of celebration and love. It was amazing to sing and feel the vibe and with talented singers around, it was a joyful experience with the feel of Punjab in the studios," he added.

In true Punjabi flavour, it features the sounds of dhol, dholak (Indian percussions). Music composer Ayaz Ismail has infused harmony, melody and rhythm into it.

"I really wanted to explore the Punjabi hip-hop genre. Therefore, the song was produced. The tune came in February of this year and we made lots of improvisations in the composition as needed," said Ayaz.

"I wanted to bring the authentic Punjabi feel to the song. Of course, dhol, dholak, and the use of tumbi make the rich Punjabi sound. These traditional elements were essential along with modern synths and percussions," he added.

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