Paneer Ki Kheer

May 01 2018

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  • Full cream milk – 1 liters
  • Cottage cheese – 100 grams (grated)
  • Sugar – 200g
  • Custard Powder- 1 teaspoons
  • Almonds- 1 teaspoons (finely chopped)
  • Pistachio – 1 teaspoons (finely chopped)
  • Chirongji – 1 teaspoon
  • Saffron – 1 Pinch.

  • Method :

    • Heat a heavy-fried kitchenware pan add milk. As long as milk is boiling, slice the custard powder in half cup cold water.
    • When the milk starts boiling, add the solution of custard powder in it.
    • Once the milk is well run,  add sugar to it. After that add grated paneer milk and stirring continuously. When the milk becomes a thick turn off the gas.
    • Now remove the milk vessel from the gas and keep it aside and let it cool. While cooling, keep running it from the pan otherwise the cream will be frozen and it will not feel good to see the kheer.
    • If the kheer is cold, sprinkle the chopped nuts and saffron from the top and keep it in the fridge for cooling.
    • Now your paneer kheer is ready. Once cooled remove it in the serving bowl and serve it.
  • Source
  • IANS