No Manual Gearbox For New Toyota Supra

April 04 2018

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Another One Bites The Dust!

The Toyota Supra needs no introduction. To put it simply, it’s the car that made Toyota cool. Now, after a span of 16 years, there’s a new one coming. However, what’s sad to note it that it will no longer feature a manual gearbox. Yes, that’s right.

According to Toyota’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, the carmaker is currently not considering a manual gearbox for the new Supra. Instead, it will go on sale with a dual-clutch automatic. In a recent interview, Tada said that shifting gears manually would “feel worse” because of the high level of torque the engine produces. It’s counterpart, the BMW Z4, is expected to be offered with a manual gearbox though.

Speaking of engines, both the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4 will be powered by a twin turbocharged inline-six motor developed by BMW and said to produce around 450PS. The Supra, Toyota says, will have a 50:50 weight distribution and benchmarked against a Porsche. So expect it to be a good at corners like it has always been in the past.

As for its reveal, the new Toyota Supra is likely to be showcased at the Paris Motor Show in October this year. At the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, Toyota unveiled the GR Supra Racing Concept as a preview to the upcoming Supra. To read more about it, click here

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