Need to strengthen Civil Defence, says Rajnath

December 07 2018

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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday emphasised on the need to revamp Civil Defence for making the organisation more effective both during disasters and peacetime.

"There is no doubt about the utility of the Civil Defence organisation as it has served the nation on numerous occasions earlier in times of natural and man-made disasters... But with changing times, there is a need to provide leadership role at warden level by giving opportunities to young blood in the organisation," the Minister said while addressing Raising Day function of the Civil Defence and Home Guards.

Singh said the Civil Defence should also perform proactive role in addition to the reactive role and that the recommendations made by the Group of Ministers after the Kargil War and other committees can be looked into for a revamp to improve the organisation.

He stressed on the need to examine "how to make optimum use of Civil Defence" and suggested that measures like appointment of committed wardens, establishment of dedicated training institutions and making them financially sound can be analysed.

He asked the Home Ministry officials, state police, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and the Civil Defence and Home Guards to examine their role and responsibilities for their optimum utilisation.

The Home Minister appreciated Sanjay Kumar, Director General - Civil Defence and Home Guards for organising the Raising Day and Medal Investiture ceremony at the national level for the first time. 

Calling the Civil Defence personnel "immediate responders in emergency situations", Singh advised them to play a more active role at the local level in community capacity building, disaster management and raising public awareness.

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