Monthly Astrology Virgo 1 November 2017

November 01 2017

On 1st you may be in a passive mood, not willing to pay heed to your responsibilities. Nonetheless, Jupiter and Mercury in company of Sun, in the 3rd House may facilitate opportunities. The phase also boosts academic progress for students. Singles must reveal what’s on their mind, when they are questioned about marriage on 3rd or 4th. On 6th, you may be ready to snap and shout. This may lead to a broken friendship, warns Ganesha. If you want that (which may be the case), go ahead, but later on you may feel bad about all the verbal mudslinging. If it’s turning ugly, it would be better if you handle it diplomatically. Ruler of your Sign Mercury shifts to Sagittarius, your 4th House. It now joins Saturn. On 9th, Venus joins Jupiter and Sun, when it moves to Scorpio, your 3rd House. You will meet someone influential, and this may seem a very attractive proposition to you now, thanks to Venus. Are you falling for this person? Your communication will be effective, which shall help you make a suitable impression. This cosmic vibration will also heighten your senses. Students will also be benefited from this planetary cluster. Nonetheless, distractions galore!  Don’t get lured by money making options. Instead, try and work within your means. 13th and 14th require you to shun your worries. Involve yourself in creative pursuits. And, focus on getting some real work done. An opportunity you get now may help you advance your interests. However, be careful of Mars’ movement through the 2nd House from your Sign. You may end up taking a wrong decision, pertaining to your family and finances. Remain careful and cautious. In personal life, you may be happy on receiving unexpected support from an elder member of your family. You may finally be able to convince your elders for something – maybe your marriage to your sweetheart. Direct influence of Jupiter and Venus over your 9th House (related to fortune) will bring you cheer. However, be careful of Sun and Saturn’s union in Sagittarius, the 4th House from your Sign. You must guard your health and well being now, and also of your mother and other female elders. The month ends on a shaky note, but rest assured, benefics Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will help you.  Important dates 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25

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