Monthly Astrology Cancer 1 November 2017

November 01 2017

Direct influence of Venus and Mars may show you an alternative to earn money on 1st. However, getting lured by quick, short-term gains may prove risky. 3rd and 4th bring good news for ones in committed love relationships, as they would be able take their relationship to the next level. On 6th, you shall be keen to break shackles and think out of the box. Mercury shifts to Sagittarius, 6th House from Sign, around 7th. Mars and Venus have a direct aspect over the 10th House from your Sign now. This will push you to work harder. Mars will energise you. Keep free time for yourself and your personal relations. On 9th, Venus leaves its own Sign Libra, and moves to Scorpio, 5th House from your Sign. Professionals looking to change their job will get due support from Saturn. Well, it’s all about work now. Accept challenges, and work to enhance your financial prospects. But, don’t let this derail you from your fitness endeavours. Direct influence of Mars over its own Sign Aries in your 10th House will work well for your work and education sphere. It is a supportive time for investments and taking calculated risks in capital markets, adds Ganesha. Be logical, though. Personally, vibes remain stable. In the second fortnight, professionals may have an opportunity to relocate. This may also concern moving temporarily to foreign shores. With lady luck supporting you now, you should make the best of what’s available. Singles will have a strong urge for enjoying sensual pleasures. Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius – the 6th House from your Sign. Challenges beckon! Situation at your work place may be unhappy. Don’t think negatively. Be gentle, while speaking with your elders and bosses, especially male members. Try finding solace in creative activities and spiritual pursuits. On 27th, you may be in a mood to visit a religious place, and enjoy some quiet, relaxed time. From 28th, things get busy again. There will be a lot happening at work. Some of you may now be choosing your career. Don’t forget your health, though. A seasonal infection may catch you unawares. Important dates 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 29, 30

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