Monthly Astrology Aries 1 November 2017

November 01 2017

Give vent to your creative energies,as the month begins. Moon enters your Sign on 1st. Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, you will shake off lethargy. Married and committed natives will have it easy. Professionals will get a chance to show their wares on 4th, but be careful to whom you show your cards, warns Ganesha. Are you planning to take a major step, in love on 6th? Eloping may seem a good idea. But, it’s life changing. Weigh pros and cons. And, if you have really made up your mind, don’t tell anyone. Stars reveal that some ‘well wisher’ may play a whistle blower on you. Around 7th, Mercury shifts to Sagittarius, your 9th House, and gets closer to Saturn.You will act maturely. Later, Venus moves to Scorpio, 8th House from your Sign, where Jupiter and Sun are already present. Not a great move. You may be thinking negatively. Jupiter and Sun will also not support you in this placement. There will be great merit in staying positive now. 13th brings somefinancial challenges. Any money you give out as help may get stuck. Avoid lending! And, if you really have to, ensure you give it to someone trustworthy – and not a large amount. Situations remain trying on various fronts. Professionals may have to deal with heavy work load. Taking a short break will be helpful. If you can’t, intensify your fitness efforts. Spiritual pursuits and reading deep literature will bring relaxation, adds Ganesha. Finances remain stable. Students may face issues, while memorizing. Request a senior/ teacher to help you.20th is a great day if you are looking for some serious positive motivation. Influence of Mars over your Sign and your 10th House will energise you further. Around 23rd, Sun moves to Sagittarius, your 9th House. Saturn and Mercury are also camping there. You are still thinking a lot, but things will start getting better. Married ones must remain careful. Ones trying for conception (kids) shall not be supported by stars. On 27th, Moon in Pisces makes you relaxed. You may plan to stay at home. Momentum returns from 28th onwards. Maybe you have made peace with a situation. Venus soon moves to Sagittarius to join Sun, Saturn and Mercury. Lots on your mind and plate! Important dates Important dates 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30

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