Maruti Swift Diesel MT vs AMT Automatic: Real-World Performance, Mileage Comparison

June 14 2018

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Can the Swift AMT match the performance of its manual counterpart?

When Maruti launched the third-gen Swift with an AMT earlier this year, it became the first car in its class to offer the convenience of an automatic transmission with the diesel engine. It was also the first Swift ever to get an automatic transmission because until the second generation, the hatchback was available with only a 5-speed manual transmission.  

The Swift diesel is powered by a 1.3-litre diesel engine that makes 75PS of maximum power and 190Nm of peak torque. It is coupled to either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed AMT. While both the Swift MT and AMT appear to be at par with each other in terms of performance and fuel economy on paper, the real-world results are not the same.

Swift (diesel) MT
Swift (diesel) AMT

In our test, the Swift MT is quicker than its AMT counterpart by 1.68s to reach the 100kmph mark. As a result, it is also the first one to complete the quarter mile drag race, but only by a small margin. The Swift MT completes the 400m drag race in 18.44s, 0.87s less than the AMT variant.

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  • The Swift MT, while being quicker off the mark, is also the more frugal one. While the AMT almost matches the MT as far as fuel efficiency within the city is concerned, out on the highway, the manual Swift delivers 5 kilometres more for every litre of the diesel it sips.

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  • Braking Performance

    Swift (diesel) MT
    Swift (diesel) AMT
  • The Swift is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes with both the manual and AMT transmission. But there is still a difference in how these cars performed in our tests, although marginal. The reason behind the AMT’s longer stopping distance could be its higher weight but we aren’t sure about it as Maruti has not released transmission-wise kerb weight of the Swift. Since the difference is only marginal, there could be other factors like tarmac quality, tyre life or driver weight affecting the final results too.
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