Libra 5 December 2017

December 05 2017

You shall be keen to make some intelligent moves to enhance your overall prospects, this week. The ruler of your Sign Venus has shifted into the dual natured fiery Sign Sagittarius, joining the company of Saturn, Sun and Mercury, in the 3rd House from your Sign. Too much happening in the sector that governs your internal desires and thoughts! So, it’s natural that you will be thinking too much. Last Sunday, Mercury turned retrograde. Mercury is the ruler of the 9th House from your Sign, and thus, has an important role to play in your success. Its retrogression may make you feel short on luck. There may be communication glitches, network failures or miscommunications, warns Ganesha. Professionals must guard against mistakes and omissions. Your thoughts may race back to the past, in some way or the other. Ones in committed relationships should avoid disagreements or blame games. Later, Mars shifts to enter its own Sign, Scorpio and makes company with Jupiter.

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