Leo Astrology 2018

January 01 2018

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2018 presents a tough challenge for the Lions who hog the limelight. Not only will circumstances be difficult but they will call for an inordinate amount of patience and tolerance, and you may not always have these qualities in adequate measure. On the financial front, things will be quite satisfactory with enough money pouring from different sources for you and your family to lead a comfortable life. However, things will be far from satisfactory in some areas of life, although the stars will keep showering you with opportunities to improve things in those areas. Your familial ties will be hunky dory, but the best part is that a new love is likely to blossom in your heart, and what's more, that someone special is likely to enter into matrimonial ties with you. Your rapport with your family members is likely to improve, but malefic planets may mar your relationships with your beloved. If you are doing a partnership business, your equation with your partner could sour, so avoid arguments at any cost. Ditto for your equation with your peers and superiors, so keep a strict watch on the way you behave and the words you utter. Take care of your health, which can be done through regular meditation.

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