I annoy myself: Bono

May 05 2018

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U2 frontman Bono says he finds himself annoying. (02:42) 

"To be fair, I do have an annoying gene. I annoy myself sometimes," Bono told telegraph.co.uk.

He added: "You know I've been writing about my own hypocrisy for 20 years. But the hypocrisy of the human heart is so much more interesting than a rock 'n' roll band trying to take its financial affairs seriously.

"I mean, come on, would people prefer I die broke? They try to say, 'You're not idealists really' to a band who have shared everything, committed our lives to each other and various campaigns of social justice. It won't wash."

Bono says he thinks that a lot of people might just not like him and his band, and that he tries to find reasons to explain it.

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