Honda Amaze Expected Prices In India: Can It Undercut The Maruti Dzire?

May 04 2018

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Available in four variants as before, the second-gen Amaze could be priced aggressively to take on the popular Dzire

We are less than two weeks away from the May 16 launch of the second-gen Honda Amaze that made its global debut at the Auto Expo 2018. And with pre-launch bookings for the Honda Amaze 2018 already underway, we answer the burning question: what would its prices be? Here’s our guess on the variant-wise prices of Honda’s upcoming compact sedan.

Honda recently announced that the new Amaze will be launched at ‘a special introductory price’ for the initial 20,000 customers. It is a volume product for Honda, as before, and the automaker might be aiming to undercut the best-selling compact sedan, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, to attract more buyers. In fact, we believe the lower-spec variants of the second-gen model might as well be priced lower than the Dzire’s.

To put things into perspective, the first-gen Amaze was priced between Rs 5.70 lakh and 8.42 lakh for petrol variants, and between Rs 6.89 lakh and 8.54 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the diesel.


Honda Amaze (~)

Maruti Suzuki Dzire (ex-showroom Delhi)

E: Rs 5.39 lakh

LXI: Rs 5.56 lakh

S: Rs 5.99 lakh

VXI: Rs 6.43 lakh

V: Rs  6.75 lakh

ZXI: Rs 7.05 lakh

VX: Rs 7:25 lakh

ZXI+: Rs 7.95 lakh

Automatic Petrol

S CVT: Rs 6.99 lakh

VXI AMT: Rs 6:90 lakh

V VCT:  Rs 7.75 lakh

ZXI AMT: Rs 7:52 lakh


ZXI+ AMT: Rs 8.42 lakh

We believe the prices of the manual petrol variants of the Amaze could undercut the Dzire’s. This should allow Honda to price the automatic variants of the Amaze closer to the Dzire’s. The Dzire features a relatively affordable AMT (automated-manual transmission) in comparison to the Amaze’s CVT. And hence, AMT variants are generally priced around Rs 50,000 over their respective manual ones, while conventional automatics like CVTs attract a premium of over Rs 1 lakh.

However, the top-spec variant of the Amaze can be priced lower than the Dzire’s as the latter packs more features like machined alloy wheels, automatic LED projector headlamps with daytime running LED lights and LED tail lamps. 


Honda Amaze (~)

Maruti Suzuki Dzire (ex-showroom Delhi)

E: Rs 6.39 lakh

LDI: Rs 6.56 lakh

S: Rs 6.99 lakh

VDI: Rs 7.43 lakh

V:  Rs 7.75 lakh

ZDI: Rs 8.06 lakh

VX: Rs 8:25 lakh

ZDI+: Rs 8.96 lakh

Automatic Diesel

S CVT: Rs 7:99 lakh

VDI AMT: Rs 7.90 lakh

V CVT: Rs 8.75 lakh

ZDI AMT: Rs 8.53 lakh


ZDI+ AMT: Rs 9.43 lakh

It should be a similar story with the diesel Amaze too, with all the manual variants undercutting the Dzire’s. The diesel Amaze automatic, on the other hand, has been introduced for the first time. And again diesel-CVT combo in the Amaze would be more expensive than the AMT-equipped Dzire diesel.

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