Holi: Prepare yourself for a safe and healthy Holi!

February 28 2018

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By Dr. Sandeep Patil, Chief Intensivist and Physician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan
Dr. Pradip Shah, General Medicine Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Holi, the festival that marks the end of winter, brings along an air of excitement, delectable sweets to salivate on and of course a riot of colors. However, taking care of oneself while enjoying the festivities is something to focus on, to avoid any untoward situations. In the previous year, hundreds of cases of skin irritation, eye infection, complaints of abdominal due to accidental consumption of colour, were recorded across the country.  
Dr, suggests effective measures protect oneself from potential harm, during the festival of colors.
Skin Care: Skin, the largest organ of the human body bears the most brunt of the colors, water and balloons that are strewn around.
1. Apply a water resistant sunscreen with SPF 50. Apply it at least 2hrs before stepping out and re-apply every 2hrs
2. Apply oil on your body as it acts as a barrier preventing skin damage and also helps in removing  the color easily
3. If you have sensitive skin, avoid playing with regular color; using organic colors is a better alternative. If your skin reacts to the colors, stop immediately and wash thoroughly
4. If the color is tough to cleanse off, avoid using a soap or scrub. Try using a cleanser; apply a soft moisturizing cream after a bath
Hair care:
1. Apply oil to their hair and braid/ tie it before playing with colors
2. Use natural colors, not oil paint or metallic colors, as they damage the hair immensely
3. After playing, wash your hair with cold water, as it removes the colors easily. Use a mild cleansing shampoo followed by a conditioner, to smoothen your hair. You might have to shampoo a few times before the colors really come out
Eyes and Ears:
1. Use ear buds if playing with water, this will prevent water from entering your ears
2. Refrain from wearing contact lenses; it may trap the colors to cause damage and injury to the eyes
3. If you wear multiple earrings, it’s ideal to remove them before playing since some of the metals react to color and impact the skin

1. Cut your nails short
2. Apply hand cream before playing Holi
3. Apply nail paint; this will prevent the color from coming in direct contact with the nails and damaging them

1. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before consuming food
2. Check the expiry date of food to be consume, sweets and deserts are quickly perishable
3. Detox the next that by firstly consuming sufficient amounts of liquids. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables cooked at home

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