Gemini 5 December 2017

December 05 2017

Venus shifted into dual natured fiery Sign Sagittarius, over the last Saturday. Ruler of your Sign Mercury too turned retrograde, around the same time. Retrogression of Mercury slows down the pace of things and events. Take the last month of the year to look back and review your actions. Communication glitches may now make your tasks more challenging. When things do not move your way, you shall also get worked up. This temperamental tendency needs to be controlled or, if possible, entirely avoided, says Ganesha. With cluster of four planets traversing through the 7th House from your Sign, you may face issues in your personal life and in a confirmed/ married relationship. These may also have to do with business partnerships. Understand that such delicate stuff needs prompt attention. Problems in day to day activities may be challenging. Take everything as it comes. Over the weekend, Mars moves into its own Sign Scorpio. Trouble deepens for the married folks, especially if they refuse to see their partner’s point of view. So, bend – bend backwards, if you can, as this will make things easier.

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