eMotion ‘Surge’ Geared Electric Motorcycle Unveiled!

June 07 2018

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The geared electric motorcycle can sprint from 0 to 60kmph in 4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 120kmph

Geared electric motorcycles. Even saying it out loud feels weird, doesn't it? Well, not according to eMotion, a Coimbatore based electric startup that has just unveiled its first-ever prototype which is, you guessed it right, a geared electric motorcycle, named the 'Surge'.

The most striking aspect of the motorcycle is the combination of aggressive streetfighter bodywork and minimalistic design. While the front consists of a unique sharp looking headlight with adaptive LED lights, the rear looks pretty conventional. Most of its drivetrain has been hidden by big body panels giving it a bulky look.

According to the company, the Surge is envisioned to combine the passion for high-performance vehicles with a desire for a cleaner environment. Staying true to the former, the Surge packs a 4-speed, semi-automatic gearbox and a 40Ah Li-ion battery, which powers the motor that is good for 28Nm of torque at 2800rpm. The Surge comes with a (claimed) range of 100km and can be fully charged in 30 minutes with a fast charger.

Offered in two variant, the company further claims that the top-spec surge can sprint from 0 to 60kmph in 4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 120kmph, making it faster than most 200cc petrol bikes.

The eMotion Motors Surge comes loaded with features like SOS alert, animated turn signals and anti-pollution self-cleaning coating. In addition to this, you also get an LED backlit display, GPS navigation, mobile phone integration, cloud connectivity and IOT (Internet Of Things).

While it is only a brief teaser of the concept, the company intends to launch the Surge by 2020. Until then, don't forget to check out our impressions of the Ather 450, yet another indigenous electric two-wheeler that has us raving.

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