Cancer 5 December 2017

December 05 2017

A personal issue becomes annoying, making you angry and irritated. This will make matters worse, points Ganesha. So, it would be best to remain calm, and if need be take some drastic measure to get rid of the pinching issue. Venus has now moved into the dual natured fiery Sign Sagittarius, in company of Saturn, Sun and trickster Mercury, in the 6th House from your Sign. Mercury is retrograde now, so you must guard against omissions, miscommunication. If things are slow, take time to rewind and review your past actions. Reflect! There may not be much exciting in store on the occupational front or financial front. Well, maybe the stars are telling you to end the year on a truly slow note, looking back at the mistakes you made, resolving to correct them. Take a break, or join a class to learn some new stuff. With regard to health, you must remain careful. An old health issue may re-surface.

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