Aries 5 December 2017

December 05 2017

Two major cosmic developments took place, over the last weekend. One, Venus made its move, and stationed itself in dual natured Sagittarius, 9th House from your Sign. It takes company of Saturn and Sun here. Two, Mercury turned retrograde, on last Sunday. Contrasting influences! Luck favours you, but close company of two enemies Saturn and Sun may keep pulling you down. Matters of heart may reach a crossroads. Backward moving Mercury will stall progress and slow down pace. The year-end prods you to slow down, says Ganesha. Look back! Maybe, take a small vacation. Revive old connections, call on old friends and enjoy talking about good old days. Let nostalgia make you happy! Analytical and communication skills may not be at their peak, so leave alone complex tasks for now. Health needs care, as some old issue may come back to bother you.

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