A step in right direction: Blum on Oscars' changes

August 10 2018

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Producer Jason Blum has lauded Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for making changes in the upcoming edition of Oscars.

"I know it was a very hard thing to do politically, and I commend them for doing so, the Academy Awards have to be entertaining to watch, and I really think they took a step in the right direction with this," Blum told variety.com.

In a letter sent to its members, the Academy announced that the telecast will now be kept to under three hours, which means that some of the 24 categories will be announced during commercial breaks and then edited into the ceremony later on. Also, there will be an award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film. 

However, Blum isn't sure what to make of the new contentious category of outstanding achievement in popular film. He said: "I think that remains to be seen." 

"Get Out", produced by Blum, was nominated for best picture this year.

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