60 Per Cent Indians Overspeed And Use Phones While Driving: Survey

April 17 2018

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India witnesses the most number of road accident related fatalities and most of them can be attributed to the carelessness of road users, suggests the survey

Nissan India with Kantar IMRB have released results of a road safety survey  conducted across 20 Indian states. The respondents were asked questions  related to overspeeding, trust on family member’s driving capabilities  and the use of mobile phones while driving. 

Three in every five respondents replied positively to using  phones while driving. The same stood at 52 per cent in southern India  and increased to 62 per cent in the north. When it came to getting  booked by the cops, only 25 per cent accepted to have been caught for  the offence.

The percentage of overspeeding drivers was more in Kerala  at 60 per cent, against 51 per cent in Delhi, followed by 28 per cent in  Punjab. Another factor that was considered was the trust that families  have in the driving of their family members. 64 per cent women  participants in the survey seemed to trust their spouses’ driving  ability, but the number dropped massively to 37 per cent when men were  asked the same question.

The survey also revealed that the youth were perceived as  the worst drivers by elderly citizens. They received consistently low  ratings from the older populace with 30 per cent rating them the lowest.  These parents were particularly concerned about the wellbeing of their  children and wanted to monitor their driving habits which does come  across as a glimmer of hope.

GPS-enabled cars in the mass market are still far and few  and those with maps installed on the infotainment systems are usually  available in the top-spec variants. With the current state of affairs,  68 per cent respondents replied positively to getting lost on their way  to a new location. This statistic does seem a bit strange as the  penetration of smartphones has increased significantly, which have maps  available as default. 65 percent respondents from Kerala and 48 percent  from Punjab complained of getting late for meetings. Recommended: Car Driving Tips

This is where the Nissan Connect app enters the picture. It  utilises telematics and gets more than 50 features including  geo-fencing (notifies if the car crosses out of a set area), curfew  alert (notifies when the car is started other than the preset time), car  location sharing, eco score and trip planner which will provide all the  information of the car to the designated family members via the app. It  is available on the top-spec variants of the Micra Active, Micra, Sunny and the Terrano as a standard fitment. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone users. Also Read: Hyundai Launches #BeTheBetterGuy Road Safety Campaign

Existing Nissan owners can get the telematics control unit (TCU) retrofitted to their car from the company dealerships. Honda Sense, Toyota Connect and Renault Easy Connect are some other apps that ease up the ownership experience of the owners.

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