2018 Renault Kwid: Variants Explained

August 07 2018

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The Renault Kwid is offered in a choice of five variants, starting at Rs 2.62 lakh and going up to Rs 4.59 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

The Renault Kwid has been in India for almost 3 years now. While we expected Renault to introduce us to the facelift of its entry-level hatchback, we’ve only got some new features instead now. Thankfully, the added features don’t come with any price hike. We find out which variant of the 2018 Renault Kwidreturns the best value for money.

Colour options available: Fiery Red, Ice Cool White, Moonlight Silver, Outback Bronze, Electric Blue (only with Climber) and Planet Grey  

Renault Kwid STD – Misses out on airbags, ABS. Not recommended

Prices (ex-showroom New Delhi) – Rs 2.67 lakh

The Kwid STD version is only available with the smaller capacity 0.8-litre engine. Here are its key features:

  • Black hub caps

  • Mono-tone dashboard

  • Heater

  • Manual steering wheel

  • Front seats recline and slide

  • Gear shift indicator

  • Front and rear seat belts with ELR (emergency locking retractor) (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

Is it worth buying?

Renault has upped the safety quotient of the Kwid with the update. The carmaker now offers ELR seatbelts at the rear right from the base variant onwards. While these seatbelts allow better protection of rear occupants in case of a collision by preventing them from falling forward, the Kwid still misses out on front airbags and ABS, two basic features we now expect as standard in every car no matter how affordable it is. The STD variant doesn’t even feature a power steering or AC, though there is a heater. With most of the essential features missing, we wouldn’t recommend this variant to buyers, although you do get a relatively spacious cabin and a 300-litre boot with this hatchback. Renault also doesn’t offer the Kwid in Fiery Red or Outback Bronze shade in this variant.

Renault Kwid RXE – Still misses out on quite a lot of equipment

Ex-showroom Prices Delhi
Rs 3.09 lakh
Price Premium over RXE
Rs 42,000

For the additional money you invest, you get features such as:

  • Black decals on the doors

  • Adjustable central air vents that can be closed too

  • Rear seat gets a foldable backrest

  • Air conditioner

  • Lower glove box

  • Sun visor on passenger side

  • Engine immobiliser

Is it worth buying?

This variant is also available only with an 800cc motor. It does get some basics such as AC, engine immobiliser and foldable rear seats at a significant price premium of Rs 42,000. These additions make it more functional than the Kwid STD. A decal here and there also distinguishes it from the base variant but there is no safety net on offer yet. So we would advise you to try stretching your budget further, for your own well being.

Renault Kwid RXL – Good value but continues to skimp on safety

Ex-showroom Prices Delhi
Rs 3.36 lakh
Price Premium over RXE
Rs 27,000

This mid-variant Kwid can be had with the 0.8-litre engine. With the 2018 update, Renault has added some new features to this variant without an increase in price, making it even better value for money. Here are the additional features it offers over the Kwid RXE:

  • Body-coloured bumpers

  • Fog lamps (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Full wheel covers (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Full-size black decals on doors

  • Intense Red upholstery

  • Electric power steering

  • Front power windows (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Single DIN stereo with radio AM/FM, MP3

  • Bluetooth audio streaming & handsfree telephony with USB and AUX-in

  • Front speakers (x2)

  • 12V power socket

  • Remote central locking (new feature on 2018 Kwid)  

Is it worth buying?

Convenience factor is slightly better in the RXL variant as it gets electric power steering and front power windows. The Kwid RXL is also a more complete car thanks to features like audio system and 12V power socket. It even has new added features like fog lamps, wheel covers, front power windows and remote central locking, but it misses out on safety equipment. We would have considered picking it up but the lack of airbags continues to stick out like a sore thumb. So we’d recommend you to look at the next variant in line instead.  

Renault Kwid RXT(O) – The variant to buy

Ex-showroom Prices Delhi
Rs 3.82 lakh
Rs 4.04 lakh
Rs 4.34 lakh
Price Premium over RXL
Rs 46,000
Rs 22,000
Rs 30,000

List of features over the Kwid RXL:

  • Chrome on front grille and knob

  • Two-tone glossy grey ORVMs (1.0-litre only)

  • ‘Speed-sport’ designer graphics on doors - full size (1.0-litre only)

  • Dual-tone dashboard

  • Champion Red upholstery

  • Upper glove box

  • Rear parcel tray

  • Driver airbag

  • Cabin lighting with timer and fade out

  • 7-inch MediaNAV touchscreen infotainment system

  • Rear parking camera (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • 12V socket for rear passengers

  • Remote keyless entry with central locking

  • Intermittent front wiper & auto wiping while washing

Is it worth buying?

The Rs 46,000 premium for the RXT(O) over the RXL is on the higher side, but since this is the variant that gets at least an airbag for the driver, if not ABS, we would recommend it. Then again, it’s advisable only if you would be the sole driver and passenger of this car. There are also some feel-good and convenience-enhancing features which makes it the go-to variant in our books.

If you can stretch any further, an extra Rs 22,000 would fetch you a more powerful 1.0-litre engine. You will appreciate the benefits of this motor better when travelling with a full house or on the highways. If you want the convenience of an automatic, there is the 5-speed AMT as well. With the 2018 update, the Kwid AMT also receives the much-needed creep mode to ease up your drives in stop and go traffic as you won’t have to constantly step on the accelerator to get the car moving in D mode.

Renault Kwid Climber- A fancier Kwid?

Ex-showroom Delhi
Rs 4.29
Rs 4.59 lakh
Price Premium over RXT(O)
Rs 25,000
Rs 25,000
  • Two-tone orange ORVMs

  • Rugged bumper overriders but misses out on a chrome grille

  • Front & rear terrain protector

  • Arching roof bars

  • “Climber” insignia on front doors and rear windshield

  • Door protection cladding

  • Sporty steering wheel with “Climber” insignia

  • Orange shades on steering wheel, side air vents and gear knob (manual version)

  • Rear center armrest (new feature on 2018 Kwid)

  • Orange upholstery with “Climber” insignia

Is it worth buying?

The changes on the Climber are merely cosmetic and it doesn’t get any purposeful feature over the RXT(O) variant except for the rear center armrest. For a premium of Rs 25,000, we think it’s on the expensive side. But, if you wish to make your Kwid stand out among other Kwids on the road, then the Climber may appeal to you. If you need a value-for-money variant, then stick to the Kwid RXT(O).

Renault also offers a few other variants in the form of Special Anniversary (available in both 0.8L and 1.0L configurations) and Marvel editions as well but since these are limited period variants, these are not a part of this story. Here are the prices of these variants:  

Kwid RXL 0.8 Special Anniversary Edition
Rs 350900
Kwid RXL 1.0 Special Anniversary Edition
Rs 372900
Kwid RXT 0.8 Special Anniversary Edition
Rs 384500
Kwid RXT 1.0 Special Anniversary Edition
Rs 406500
Kwid RXT 1.0 Marvel Iron Man Edition
Rs 434400
Kwid RXT 1.0 AMT Marvel Iron Man Edition
Rs 464400
Kwid RXT 1.0 Marvel Captain America Edition
Rs 434400
Kwid RXT 1.0 AMT Marvel Captain America Edition
Rs 464400

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